iSearch Supplementary

  • Do you want to ensure that the information about your vacancy reaches also the most promising ones of those candidates who are currently not following employment ads? Would you like us to reach out to them and inform them about the career opportunity you have available? Yet you prefer to take care of the interviews and the entire selection process on your own? Then our iSearch Supplementary – service is exactly what you need!
  • Ideal to complement employer’s own recruitment process, by significantly improving the awareness of the vacancy among those qualified candidates who are currently employed and thus do not typically follow employment ads.This service package includes:
  • Our search for candidates according to your defined profile / selection criteria, making use of our extensive network of professionals as well as selected databases of candidates
  • Us contacting the candidates that appear potentially qualified based on their CV / profile, and checking their interest towards a new career opportunity
  • Providing you with the profile and contact information of the interested candidates within 15 working days (the total number of candidate profiles delivered will be agreed based on your preference, the seniority of the position, and the selection criteria)
  • Ask us also about the assessment testing we have available to help you with your selection!