iSearch Resident

You can now have your preferred headhunter to be present, available at your premises! Our iSearch Resident service provides exactly that – all our valued headhunting services flexibly present for any phase of your recruitment processes as needed.

  • For tighter cooperation with our customers when we mutually feel this is the most effective way to proceed.
  • Our headhunter will be located in your premises at agreed times, to work as a colleague with your hiring managers, HR managers and other key stakeholders.
  • When our headhunter is driving the selection process on the spot, all parties involved will be constantly aware of the status and what is needed from them next.
  • Already the first interviews with candidates can be conducted in your premises – engaging each candidate effectively with your company values and atmosphere right from the start.
  • Any delays in the selection processes (for example in finding suitable calendar slots for candidate introductions, assessment test feedback or interviews) will be minimised by having our headhunter present.
  • The needed level of our presence will be agreed according to your needs, case by case.

Would iSearch Resident be the right choice for your organization? Let’s make sure your recruitments proceed as quickly and smoothly as you always wanted them to.

Together we can do it.