iSearch Challenger

iSearch Challenger – are you ready for the new era in recruitment?

Does the traditional approach of selecting your next key talent from an overload of cv’s and cover letters sound impractical? Difficult to choose whom to interview based on very differently structured resumes?

Here in iSearch Group we have created a recruitment service to change all that. The first level of selections and interview invitations entirely without cv’s or cover letters! Instead, a specific scenario and task relevant to the responsibilities of the vacancy is described in the job posting, and the interested applicants are instructed to apply just by describing how they would resolve the given task. Nothing else. Suddenly, the comparison of applications becomes far less troublesome, and the genuine expertise of the applicants pertaining to the vacancy stands out. Also, random gold-diggers who tend to copy-paste the same application to many vacancies will not even bother to apply, due to the increased effort required. The entire recruitment process becomes easier to manage.

Together with you, we will define a realistic task to apply in the job posting for your next key talent. We will then take care of selecting the candidates to interview, based on criteria agreed with you. Only the applicants invited for interview will be asked to submit their cv’s as reference for the interviews. From there on, the recruitment process continues with the same high quality standards as all our recruitment services do.

iSearch Challenger recruitment package includes :

-entire selection process of 25-30 working days, depending on the nature of the position

-initial planning and task definition together with your company representatives

-preparation of the vacancy posting and effective promotion of the vacancy in our iSearch channels (website and social media)

-personal interviews conducted by us

-presenting the best candidates for you to interview (2-4)

-scheduling the interviews for you and participating in the final interviews with you, if you so choose

-follow-up with you four months after the recruitment


Do contact us and ask more about this or other recruitment services we have available.